SBA 504 Loan Limits

The SBA 504 Loan is a specific type of small business financing program. An SBA 504 loan is limited to providing finances for fixed assets like real estate or equipment. Every SBA 504 Loan is a partnered between a lender, the Certified Development Company (CDC) and the Small Business Administration (SBA). 

How the SBA 504 Loan Program Works

The CDC works with the business owner to go through the process of approving and closing the loan. The CDC provides up to 40% of financing for commercial real estate or new construction with an SBA 504 loan. A lender must partner with the CDC with the small business owner's contribution being around 10%. 

Qualifications and Limitations of a SBA 504 Loan

An SBA 504 loan may be right for you if you are a small business owner looking to acquire a loan for

A SBA 504 loan may not be right for you if you are seeking a loan for:

Additional details:

This submission form can help you determine whether or not an SBA 504 loan is right for your business. 

Finding a SBA 504 Lender

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The Small Business Administration:

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